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About me

You’re here because you want to know a bit more about ‘us’. Well actually, whereyoustand is ‘me’, Francis Wyburd. Most of the time I work alone but sometimes I collaborate with others on larger projects.

I’m a go-to-market strategist who uses behavioural research to inform the plan. I set up whereyoustand in 2007 (my third and last business) because the human experience of organisations is rarely what managers think it is, and not always in a good way. In such places, performance often suffers, staff are frustrated, customers aren’t well served and backers don’t get the return they want.

About “Hidden Voice”

I’ve honed the “Hidden Voice” research method over twenty five years. It puts up a mirror to an organisation so managers can see their business as others do.Rich behavioural observations with deep contextual commentaries allow you to understand your relationships much, much better. Which, once you start executing, has a remarkable effect on everyone.

Its strengths are as follows:

  1. It is independent of you: Customers open up in ways they can’t or won’t to you
  2. It is ‘innocent’: It is not an expert in your service or market or involved in your industry. Which makes our analysis of your relationship more objective and unbiased
  3. It’s about them not you: Participants love taking part, whoever they are

Market sectors I’ve analysed over the years

Over the years, I’ve analysed thousands of conversations across a wide range of subjects by talking to a broad range of people including:

  • Primary , secondary and HFE staff about classroom technologies
  • Finance directors and brokers about commercial insurance
  • High net worth individuals about IFA’s
  • Credit managers about loss prevention services
  • Warehouse managers about stock picking efficiency software
  • Facilities managers about office relocation services
  • COO’s about collaboration software
  • HR managers about background checking systems
  • Entrepreneurs about off-balance sheet financing methods
  • Sales directors about pitch presentations
  • Research managers about research providers
  • Offshore oil executives about getting mobile rigs ready
  • Well engineers about reservoir productivity and safety
  • Online media consumers about pay walls

My personal interests

Personally, I study many fields of social sciences including behavioural economics, social and cognitive psychology. And I am the author of the Steve McQueen Paradox, original research into memory and emotion which featured on Radio 4’s PM programme.

Outside of whereyoustand, I also manage a fund which invests in technology companies. And I live in London with six women, three cats a dog and a snake.


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