Customer insight research and support service

Why hire us?

Do you know what customers really think of your product?  Do you trust what people are telling you?

Market or product experts can’t tell you how your service is positioned in the market: only customers can.  But finding out is hard and turning their words into actionable insight is harder still.

Our proposition

Our  Hidden Voice of the Customer  tool is a rapid and cost effective way to get deep inside customers’ minds.  Its provides rich insights into where you stand relative to others, within weeks not months.  You’ll see your strengths and weaknesses and where opportunity lies.  The process challenges assumptions, replaces internal silos with cohesion and sharpens how your team goes to market.


  • Go to market with a more compelling positioning and coherent strategy
  • Develop sharper product, sales, marketing, customer services programmes
  • Design and communicate brands and messaging more cost-effectively
  • Keep abreast of market changes

How we charge

All research and planning projects have fixed fees quoted in advance.

Ongoing support programmes are charged on a project or retainer basis

For cash strapped start-ups we offer alternative terms.

What our clients say

Francis and I worked together for over four years; in which time he helped our business transform itself from a box-shifting distribution company into a customer focused sales and marketing organisation with a deep understanding of the education market. Martin Large, CEO, Steljes Ltd

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