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Geomec 2014

Geotool is an injection well monitoring system. It puts oil and gas operators in control of injection cycles by reporting geo-physical information to their desktops … read more »

BC Social is the brainchild of Bostjan Bregar. With a burning ambition and great vision, he expanded the business from his native Slovenia in 2013, … read more »

Onfido 2013

Onfido is a young business with big ambitions. It entered the competitive world of employee screening in late 2012 and immediately was subject to competitive … read more »


I consulted for LG to help them develop a positioning and communications strategy for their entrance into the UK education market with a suite of … read more »


I worked with HP to help them evaluate their brand and products in the education market. View client feedback 


I worked with the Product team for four years to position the product in the education space and promote it through the channel and to … read more »

SMART Technologies

I consulted for Steljes, SMART’s exclusive UK distributor with Nick Shepheard my Trinity partner. Together, we developed the UK strategy in 2003 and supported its … read more »


I started out consulting for Steljes in 2003 with Nick (my Trinity partner) but joined the management team to help Steljes change into the organisation … read more »

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This paper outlines our research into the accessibility of organisations’ communications and provides readers with access to the tools they can use to improve the … read more »

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