Client testimonials

Please find below verbatim testimonials from some of the clients we have worked with over the years.

19 responses to “Client testimonials”

  1. Bostjan, BC Social CEO writes says:

    “Francis is one of those people who puts a mirror in front of you helping you gain insight into exactly where you stand. He does this based on facts, razor sharp thinking, sticking to a strict discovery process and most importantly communicates reality using a smile that ensures you hear even the most hard to accept facts about you and your business. Would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking insight into where one stands:)”
    Service Category: Business Consultant
    Year first hired: 2014
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

  2. Husayn Kassai, CEO - Onfido says:

    “Francis is a brilliant strategist with many years of experience! He has been a tremendous asset to us and is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He always has a creative outlook and is great at organising and bringing ideas together. His presentation style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. If you have any need for working with a strategist, and want to have fun while learning, I couldn’t recommend Francis highly enough.”
    Service Category: Business Consultant
    Year first hired: 2013
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

  3. Alessandro Mele, AdMajora says:

    “Their deep understanding of corporate structures, “go to market” strategies, personal and corporate behavioural patters shed an amazingly clear view of our own personalities and business, helping us tremendously to develop our own infrastructure, processes and procedures. We very much look forward to hiring them over and over again in the future as our firm grows.”

  4. Charles Skinner - Chief Executive, Restore Group plc says:

    “Where You Stand worked with analysis and insight to give us a completely fresh take on our business. They explained their findings to us with great clarity which enabled us to draw up a coherent and achievable sales and marketing plan. We worked with Where You Stand to implement this plan and it has added considerably to our business. I look forward to working with Where You Stand again”

  5. Richard Tierney, Introverted Presenter says:

    Francis always delivers. He seems to be able to generate huge insight with small amounts of data and adds the intelligence to turn these insights into real strategy for his clients. I’ve had the privilege of watching him work for clients, and being helped myself. His model ensures that he only wins when his clients win. Which they do. That’s an honourable way to do business. Involve Francis in your business, you’ll both end up the richer for it.

  6. Phil Redwood, Fusion Communications says:

    I have known Francis now for 5 years and he has been our Non Exec for the last 12 months. His contribution to the direction and success of the company has without doubt been significant. What I value is the combination of skills he brings – he is an intuitive and strategic thinker, he brings real life business experience (he’s been there, seen it, done it successful before) and he motivates and inspires. He is a real asset to Fusion.

  7. Steve Aldridge, Chief Executive, Mordaunt Estates says:

    Thank you for your work and guidance on the marketing and strategy for this project. The particular benefits we have had from your input are of clarity and direction, you have helped us through the fog of marketing jargon and mystique and facilitated practical solutions to sophisticated challenges.

  8. Francois Marchand, Erna Low Property says:

    Francis is a very intelligent man and extremely spot on his various professional analysis of businesses. Great man that I will definitely keep as a contact for future ventures… Humble people are rare to come accross, but if you meet Francis, you will meet one!

  9. Mark Bird, Director CYHealth says:

    Francis is fantastic to work with. A passionate strategist who can be trusted. Honest, open minded and creative with the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions. An intelligent professional with boundless energy I would recommend Francis whole-heartedly.

  10. Paul Cash, Tidalwave Ltd says:

    If you’re ambitious, intelligent and want to be challenged then there is no better person on the planet than Francis to bring out the best in you and your team. He’ll keep you on the tips of your toes, make you question every thought and every decision and help you find the answers to some of the toughest business and personal challenges you can ever imagine. One things for certain, if you’re serious about making your business successful then Francis will let you know exactly where you stand!

  11. Neil Sawyer, Business Manager HP says:

    Francis has been the provider of some very insightful work into how my business had performed in terms of the awareness, consideration and preference of particular products and technology solutions within the education sector. The work provided was very detailed and certainly reinforced my belief as to where our business focus should be over the next 2-3 years within the education market. This type of research is very valuable in understanding the perceptions of our target audience and provided clear guidance on how we go about rectifying any weak points in our strategy.

  12. Claire Bassham, Head of Communications, Southern Housing Group says:

    We hired Francis to help us articulate the values that would shape the organisation’s behaviour for our new strategic plan. His research uncovered the authentic truths at the heart of the business which helped us connect our future direction with our past heritage. His collaborative style enabled the senior team to both actively participate and own the outputs, cementing firm foundations for the execution of the strategy.

  13. Martin Large, Chief Executive, Steljes Group Ltd says:

    Francis and I worked together for over four years; in which time he helped our business transform itself from a box-shifting distribution company into a customer focused sales and marketing organisation with a deep understanding of the education market. His approach to marketing is customer centric and research based. All too often in the past we have produced beautiful marketing materials that simply fail to speak to the customer: Francis helped us to more accurately divine our customers’ requirements, concerns and challenges resulting in much more effective marketing. The organisation is now well connected to all of the principal agencies in the market and we have seen our market share rise by over 20%. In addition, Francis’ clarity of thought has contributed immensely to the strategic direction of the Company. I learned a great deal in the time that I worked with Francis and really enjoyed working with him: he is hugely enthusiastic and inspiring. I would not hesitate to recommend Francis.

  14. Mitt Nathwani, Managing Director, Reivo Ltd says:

    I worked with Francis on the strategy for TurningPoint, a new entrant in to the already busy ‘classroom voting system’ market. While the product was new, the target market was relatively well established in terms of key players (or competitors) and their go-to-market messaging. Our problem was that we needed to play catch-up. The competitors were prevalent and we wanted our unfair share of the action!

    We knew our product’s feature set was superior to the competition, and with a sound understanding of the benefits, our strongest sales people had a great success rate when engaging in individual consultative sales. However, in my experience this is rarely enough to make the dramatic difference we wanted.

    Francis spent time working with us to understand the key tenets of success based on our experience so far – everything from the killer benefits of the product to the route to market and it’s inherent challenges. Along the way we explored such micro and macro details as what made certain sales engagements successful while others failed and what kinds of language worked well for our target market. I found it encouraging that Francis took the time to understand everything fully, with no prior agenda or preconceived plan as to how he would help us solve the puzzle.

    With all the knowledge he was able to distill, his proposed solution came next. Without going into the full details here, he helped us plan (and build) a promotional marketing campaign that repositioned the product into a new area where it could start at an advantage to the competition, while mobilising an entire channel of resellers to sell our product into a newly defined category, without needing to become experts in their own right.

    I sometimes forget how brilliant the campaign was because it all seemed so simple once executed. it was elegant yet founded in sound marketing theory and, most importantly, it carried long-term success. Even now, 5 years on, we are number one in our market place.

  15. Peter O, 3c says:

    Francis has been of tremendous support in helping me start up my business and continues to do so. His enthusiasm and passion for developing business strategies and brands that make a difference in the world is addictive. His approach to helping me was a fresh, thoughtful and very human method to truly understanding business-customer relationships and helping to build the foundations for my organization. Francis has his client’s best interests at heart. He is dynamic, brings clear solutions to the table, but also challenges clients to think in new ways. He is also an easy person to work with.

  16. Peter U says:

    I recently decided to start my own business after many years in corporate life. One of my biggest challenges was to clarify my new identity which is harder to do than it sounds. Francis asks the questions which help me to make it easy for customers to understand the job I can do for them and justify my fees. He has saved me vast amounts of time and money by making me focus on what’s important from my customers’ point of view.

  17. Stefanie Ambrois says:

    I know Francis since few years now, and worked with him on different projects. He always help us to understand better what is the best journey to take and help us to analyse better situations to get better result. I highly recommend Francis and hope to work again with him in the future.

  18. Nick Patterson-Jones, ByInstinct says:

    I’ve worked with Francis on a wide variety of projects over the last 20 years, and he’s consistenly proved himself to be an inspirational and challenging colleague. Whatever the topic, he’s always thorough in his research, perseptive with his insight and logical in his feedback. When there seems to be no clear path through a series of complex issues, it will always be Francis who delivers the simplest and most profitable route to success.

  19. Steve Fowler, Business Manager, Royal & Sun Alliance says:

    Francis is that rare breed of person who cares passionately about his subject and the achievement of real business results in the firms he works with. He takes the time to develop a deep understanding of clients’ markets and uses that understanding, and his professional insight, to challenge current direction and strategies.

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