BC Social is the brainchild of Bostjan Bregar. With a burning ambition and great vision, he expanded the business from his native Slovenia in 2013, setting up an office in the UK, raising venture capital funding and hiring a team.

A year on, he felt customers were valuing something that, at an organisational level, wasn’t understood. His product fell into the ‘business social collaboration” space, an immature category with exciting potential if only they could get customers to adopt. Problem was, they and their competitors didn’t know how. So there were frequent conversations going on internally about who they were, what they did and for whom and lots of debate about what the direction of the company should be.

When Bostjan first heard about our “hidden voice of the customer” process he recognised how it could help his team. Rather than continue the way they were operating, why not get the customer to help them be clearer and more focused? After all, they were  rooted in “product speak”, basing decisions on subjective viewpoints and assumptions about what the market valued with no mechanism for validating any one point of view.

We’re not magicians at WYS.  But in less than a month, we framed their business from the customer’s perspective in a way that made sense to everyone. Our findings had a powerful, illuminating and energising effect on them all – we won’t divulge what we found out because its their source of competitive advantage – and for the first time, the team now share a crystal clear insight as to who they are, their place in the customers’ world and how to be highly valued. Which gives them a great strategic advantage over their competitors (who don’t seem to know) and the potential to achieve extraordinary things for customers and themsleves. We are grateful to Bostjan for his testimonial on linked-in:

“Francis is one of those people who puts a mirror in front of you helping you gain insight into exactly where you stand. He does this based on facts, razor sharp thinking, sticking to a strict discovery process and most importantly communicates reality using a smile that ensures you hear even the most hard to accept facts about you and your business. Would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking insight into where one stands:)” Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2014 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

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