These books have helped me develop my thinking over the years and they may help you too. Click on the link to get to Amazon or let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

I read this in 2010 and was blown away with the insights he brings about human behaviour. Behavioural Economics is a relatively new field but is transforming our understanding as to how and why we behave in the way we do. This book has applications across all walks of life, challenging the way we think about how to shape the experiences people have.

The Innovator’s solution by Clayton Christensen

This follow up to “The Innovator’s dilemma” sets our practical ways for incumbents and entrants alike to take the strategic decisions they need for their long-term survival. The difficulty organisations face is how to answer the question “what job do customers hire your product to perform”. This is particularly hard to understand when inside a firm faced with the day-to-day. But fundamentally, it’s only customers who can give you the real answer. Getting them to tell you is an altogether different challenge. The other challenge is recognising the competitive threats to the way you currently help customers perform jobs and even when you do, being able to adapt and change. This book is as much a handbook for managing change as it is about disruption or innovation. Brilliant.

The Innovator’s dilemma by Clayton Christensen

I read this at the suggestion of Dave Martin the founder of Smart Technologies. Their innovative technology was struggling against the incumbent market and systems. For anyone trying to break the mould, this should be mandatory reading with a practical thinking model that aids the long-term strategy planning process.

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