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Onfido is a young business with big ambitions. It entered the competitive world of employee screening in late 2012 and immediately was subject to competitive threats. We firstly helped them resolve a brand name issue and they rebranded from Verify Recruit in 2013; we then worked with the team to develop a market strategy. This is designed to help them find a distinct and defendable place in their world and helps them focus their product development and marketing resources on the best market segments.

Husayn Kassai the founder and CEO of Onfido writes:

“Francis is a brilliant strategist with many years of experience! He has been a tremendous asset to us and is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He always has a creative outlook and is great at organising and bringing ideas together. His presentation style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. If you have any need for working with a strategist, and want to have fun while learning, I couldn’t recommend Francis highly enough.”

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