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Geomec 2014


Geotool is an injection well monitoring system. It puts oil and gas operators in control of injection cycles by reporting geo-physical information to their desktops in real time. This enables them to better manage their field operations, improve performance and reduce the commercial and HSE risks inherent in their sub-surface activities.

We are proud to have helped Geomec define their marketing strategy. The plan we worked on together with them is already yielding results. The team is engaged, their messaging is resonating in the market and their resources more focused. Already demand is growing for their new software service whilst distribution partners are queuing up to work with them in the UK, Middle East and US.

Here’s what Jarle their CEO said:

Geomec engaged Francis Wyburd (Where You Stand Ltd.), to support the company in making a market strategy plan for our new and innovative software-service to the Oil & Gas industry; both national and international, with emphasis on Norway, UK, USA and Middle East.

Geomec needed help in identifying the best suitable worldwide markets (= which companies to approach), the right persons to involve within these companies (= who is the buyer), and even more important, how to address the them (= what is their buying criteria).

The work was performed in a very efficient and result-oriented manner, involving Geomec as an organization as well as existing and potential clients; giving us a framework on how to proceed to achieve our commercial goals, both as for marketing/selling and further product development.

BC Social is the brainchild of Bostjan Bregar. With a burning ambition and great vision, he expanded the business from his native Slovenia in 2013, setting up an office in the UK, raising venture capital funding and hiring a team.

A year on, he felt customers were valuing something that, at an organisational level, wasn’t understood. His product fell into the ‘business social collaboration” space, an immature category with exciting potential if only they could get customers to adopt. Problem was, they and their competitors didn’t know how. So there were frequent conversations going on internally about who they were, what they did and for whom and lots of debate about what the direction of the company should be.

When Bostjan first heard about our “hidden voice of the customer” process he recognised how it could help his team. Rather than continue the way they were operating, why not get the customer to help them be clearer and more focused? After all, they were  rooted in “product speak”, basing decisions on subjective viewpoints and assumptions about what the market valued with no mechanism for validating any one point of view.

We’re not magicians at WYS.  But in less than a month, we framed their business from the customer’s perspective in a way that made sense to everyone. Our findings had a powerful, illuminating and energising effect on them all – we won’t divulge what we found out because its their source of competitive advantage – and for the first time, the team now share a crystal clear insight as to who they are, their place in the customers’ world and how to be highly valued. Which gives them a great strategic advantage over their competitors (who don’t seem to know) and the potential to achieve extraordinary things for customers and themsleves. We are grateful to Bostjan for his testimonial on linked-in:

“Francis is one of those people who puts a mirror in front of you helping you gain insight into exactly where you stand. He does this based on facts, razor sharp thinking, sticking to a strict discovery process and most importantly communicates reality using a smile that ensures you hear even the most hard to accept facts about you and your business. Would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking insight into where one stands:)” Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2014 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Onfido 2013

Onfido is a young business with big ambitions. It entered the competitive world of employee screening in late 2012 and immediately was subject to competitive threats. We firstly helped them resolve a brand name issue and they rebranded from Verify Recruit in 2013; we then worked with the team to develop a market strategy. This is designed to help them find a distinct and defendable place in their world and helps them focus their product development and marketing resources on the best market segments.

Husayn Kassai the founder and CEO of Onfido writes:

“Francis is a brilliant strategist with many years of experience! He has been a tremendous asset to us and is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He always has a creative outlook and is great at organising and bringing ideas together. His presentation style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. If you have any need for working with a strategist, and want to have fun while learning, I couldn’t recommend Francis highly enough.”

Ad Majora 2013

We were hired by the owners of this Italian merchant bank in 2013. This is what their managing director said:

“We have hired Where You Stand to carry our a strategic review of our business and better define our corporate structure, core values and growth guidelines. We have been very impressed with their highly professional approach, which combines text-book theory with practical wisdom. Their deep understanding of corporate structures, “go to market” strategies, personal and corporate behavioural patters shed an amazingly clear view of our own personalities and business, helping us tremendously to develop our own infrastructure, processes and procedures. We very much look forward to hiring them over and over again in the future as our firm grows.”

Epeus 2012-2013

“Help Epeus take the market by storm” he asked. Already a $10m turnover business, Mark had built this firm up single handedly but was by now a slave to his business – without him, it couldn’t operate but, without proper organisation, it couldn’t grow either.

Phase one was a classic whereyoustand 6-8 week programme of discovery and diagnosis. “This is where you stand in the market, this is where the opportunity lies, these are the things you need to do to grow.” He set out his purpose, values and vision and ran a workshop with his team to define what needed to change according to the strategy he set.

And in Phase 2, we developed their marketing plan and transformed Epeus’s branding and communications. Brand workshops, brief writing and then commissioning and project managing a world-class team of creatives. New logo, new look and feel, new website ( and new brochure.

And the business is really flying now. 20 people with a clear sense of identity and purpose, engaging customers with great promises which gets delivered and are on the fast track to growing a global consulting business. We are very proud of the work we did together.

Restore plc 2011-2012

Charles Skinner, Restore plc CEO said:

Where You Stand worked with analysis and insight to give us a completely fresh take on our business. They explained their findings to us with great clarity which enabled us to draw up a coherent and achievable sales and marketing plan. We worked with Where You Stand to implement this plan and it has added considerably to our business. I look forward to working with Where You Stand again

Restore plc wanted to diversify and was looking for acquisitions that complimented its core Records Management business.

Office Relocations and Removals looked like a promising area as many suppliers also provided records management as a bolt on service. Restore acquired Sargents Ltd in 2011 from the receiver and needed a strategy and plan to reinvigorate the business.

We showed them where Sargents stood in the market, where its core value was in relations to its competitors and how it should focus resources. We went on to support the new management team as they executed the plan and provided  marketing resource to reposition their brand and its communications.

With this in depth understanding of the Relocations market and its relationship with Records Management, Restore plc went on to acquire the market leader, Harrow Green in 2012. Relocations now account for more than 50% of group turnover.

Read the case study here: WYS_Restore casestudy


We consulted for the owners of this marketing service firm in 2009, conducted a strategic review and advised on restructuring the business to focus on media market research. The business has thrived ever since showing impressive growth and is now the market leader in events as well as business information, content and publishing.

We have supported the owners and the board ever since and Francis is a non-executive director.

We consulted for Oxford University Press Espana in 2009. Their highly innovative new distance learning product was not selling in the consumer market as they had hoped. Following our analysis, they adopted our recommendation to focus their marketing efforts on the corporate market and reduce their heavyweight consumer marketing activity. The business is cash flow positive and generates nearly €5m in sales today.

CURB natural media 2009-2012

We worked with the founder in 2009 and together developed the strategy for this innovative start-up media company. Over the past three years we  supported its development and helped it grow gross profits by 250% 2009-2011. We exited in 2012, selling our shareholding back to the management.

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